• VIP-excursion about Russian Wine House “Abrau-Durso” with a tasting session

    Duration 2 hours
    Group up to 4 persons 10 000.–

    We are happy to offer you an individual excursion. We have something to surprise you! Getting down into our wine-cellars you will find yourselves in the most secret corners of the Russian Wine House. We will lead you along ancient tunnels, steeped in legends, where, according to some champagne specialists, a friendly spirit of the founder – the Prince Golitsyn - is still invisibly dwelling. You will be shown a legendary wine shop, where rare wines of the most distinguished Abrau vintage collections are still kept.

    For tasting noble wines of the house collection, a private atmosphere of the VIP room is best suited. Here you will be able to evaluate and, if you wish, purchase the rarest and most precious works of our masters during the last 40 years.

    • A visit to Modern Art Center “Abrau Media Art”,
    • Watching a movie on history of Abrau-Durso,
    • An excursion with a personal guide in the wine-cellars of the 19th century and studying the modern production process,
    • A lecture on champagne production technology,
    • A visit to a brand shop.
    Visiting the Historic complex without participation in a tasting session
    Visit of a Historic Complex with an excursion and a tasting session
    Visit of a historic complex with an excursion and tasting of still wines
    Wine-gastronomic excursion with making mulled wine
    “Voice of the city” in Abrau-Durso
    Abrau light gallery
    An excursion with a visit to vineries


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