About the resort

Abrau-Durso is a unique monument of nature, history and culture of Russia. The place is famous for its picturesque landscapes and healing air. Many call it " the Russian Riviera" and is it is not surprising. Average summer temperature is approximately +26 °С, in winter it is about 5 degrees above zero - it is very seldom when the temperature drops below zero. Water in the sea near ​​the village in summer months warms up to +26 ° С, and the water in the lake - up to +28 °С.

Lake Abrau is the main beauty and pride of the resort, its length is more than 2600 meters, its width is about 600 meters and it is up to 10 meters deep. It is considered to be the largest freshwater habitat not only in Krasnodar Krai but on the territory of the North-West Caucasus in general.

Lake Abrau is situated in a deep mountain cup, at 84 meters above sea level. According to an ancient legend it has an underground outlet to the sea. Possibly, this theory has the right to exist, because the lake is only 2,5 km far from the sea. The water in the lake never becomes bogged up, and always remains clean and fresh. It has a characteristic soft milky color due to the large amount of limestone and marl contained in the soil of the surrounding hills. Crayfish, carp, ram, cupid, perch, bream, silver carp and many other fish are found in the lake.

One of the versions of the Lake Abrau’s origin connects it with an ancient freshwater basin which occupied the territory of the present-day Black Sea and the North Caucasus over a million years ago. This body of water is referred to as Cimmerian lake-sea. Over the course of time it had disappeared, a part of its water area formed the salty Black Sea, and the other part due to the rise of the earth's crust, turned into land, on which only a few basins, filled with water, remained. One of them is Lake Abrau.

Since 1974 Lake Abrau has been declared a natural monument. It is the reason why for over forty years now it has been forbidden to engage in any kind of agricultural activity, including grape growing on its shores. Historical vineyards of Abrau-Durso, planted in Tsarist times were rooted up and replaced by pine trees, and therefore their borders are still clearly visible on the slopes of the surrounding hills at any time. These sites even have names - “Fishtail” and “Crown”.

Abrau-Durso is not only a village on the shores of a beautiful lake. Initially, it was the beauty of nature which attracted attention of creators of the winery with the same name, founded on the land of crown landed property department under Imperial decree of Alexander II in 1870.

The idea to begin growing grapes and start wine production was given by Bergikh Josephovich Geiduk, a district agronomist of the Black Sea region. Having explored natural conditions of Abrau-Durso Geiduk has come to the following conclusion: “The north-western coast of the Caucasus is one of the best geographical areas for viniculture. It is difficult to find a similar terrain in the world. Neither Burgundy, nor Champagne, nor Kakheti, and even more so the Crimea, can serve as an example and model for complete imitation”.

A specific character of a vineyard depends upon numerous natural factors: climate, topography, soil characteristics, and nearby water bodies — all of which make up the terroir of the vineyard.

Soil is pretty much the most important and mysterious part of the “terroir” concept. It is known that for wine grapes used for wine production the soil poor in organics is better suited. It prevents the vine from growing thickly; the grape berries are small but rich in taste and aroma. Otherwise, the berry would become big and poor in aromatics. That is exactly the type of soil in Abrau-Durso: poor, stony, called humus-carbonate. Organic substances in it are mixed with calcium. Sedimentary rocks lie below them: marl, calcareous schists and sandstones. Who would have imagined what grapes must go through to become legendary and glorified champagne?

On the territory of Abrau-Durso there are two sites with viewing platforms in the middle of the vineyards providing a stunning view of the slender rows of vines, Lake Abrau and the sea at the same time. This is where romantics come to enjoy the sparkling and unusual sunset.

Abrau-Durso is a real wine paradise famous not only in Krasnodar Krai, but also in the whole of Russia.

Each year more and more tourists seek to get to know wonderful nature, blue-eyed Lake Abrau, wine-making history and local cuisine: cheese, jam made of local fruit and berries, tea collections with herbs from surrounding meadows, wine-based confectionaries. The majestic beauty of mountains, the Black Sea and historical objects create an atmosphere of a grand celebration.

How to get to us

You can travel by plane, by train or by car. The airports are nearby: Anapa, Gelendzhik. The nearest railway-station is Novorossiysk. By car you need to get to Novorossiysk using the federal highway M4, and then to Abrau-Durso.

The best time for a visit: Abrau-Durso is amazing throughout the year, as the winery and almost all tourist attractions are open regardless of season.


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