• Gastronomic recreation

    Go on a bright gastronomic trip across Abrau-Durso!

    You will discover new original recipes, make your menu more diversified and learn to use wine and champagne for cooking various dishes. And, naturally, you will try all the varieties of Black Sea and European cuisine without leaving Krasnodar Krai!


    A culinary school of Abrau-Durso is a special educational institution of the European level for professionals and amateurs of the hospitality industry.

    At culinary master-classes the best Russian and foreign chefs will help you improve your culinary skills. They will share their secrets with you and tell you about the most up-to-date gastronomic tendencies and cuisines of the world.

    Rules of renting a culinary school. Rental costs with utensils, kitchen appliances and equipment:

    Week days – 2000 rub./ hour

    Weekends – 2500 rub./ hour

    Waiter service – 2000 rub.

    Service of the chef (holding a master-class) – 3000 rub.

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    Our teachers
    Sergey Alshevsky — a brand head-chef of “Abrau-Durso”, the winner in the nomination “The best cook” in the Contest "Resort Olympus - 2012".
    Gala dinner from our star-chefs

    Once again our gala dinners prove that there are no borders for us. Distance and geographical position is not an obstacle. Such events broaden the mind because each dish of a particular country shows all its charm – it is a real national wealth!

    At gala dinners from chefs famous in Russia you will taste not only original cuisine but also national dishes. So, the guests of Abrau-Durso got to know Kabardino-Balkaria, Bulgaria, the Far East, Armenia and the Basque Country through the prism of taste.

    During their culinary tours we were visited by such culinary virtuosos as:

    Hélène Darroze — a famous French chef, she has two Michelin stars.
    Eugene Vikentiev — a chef of “Vinnyi Shkaf (Wine Cabinet)” restaurant.
    Egor Anisimov — a chef of Zuma, a restaurant of Pan-Asian cuisine.  
    Vasily Emelianenko — a show man, an author of culinary shows, a food producer.
    Elena Shramko — a president of Academy of culinary arts “Exclusive”, a winner of 25 international gold medals, an accredited WACS judge.
    Master-classes for kids

    Price: 500 rub.

    Duration: 1–1,5 hours.

    Sign up your kid for delicious classes right now:
    8 (989) 123-09-90
    Make quesadilla with your own hands
    Give your child a gastronomic trip to hot Mexico! The kids will learn to cook the pride of Latin America - a delicious quesadilla - in the form of a game.
    Pizza maker courses
    We can teach the little ones to cook various types of pizza. The students of “Abrau-Durso” culinary school get their first culinary experience at the age of five.
    Cooking burgers
    The American cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. “Abrau-Durso” culinary school teaches kids to cook the “fast-food king” exclusively from natural ingredients.
    Special master-classes

    Price: from 4000 rub.

    Learn the details of conducting an individual master-class from our administrator.
    8 (989) 123-09-90
    Bridal shower
    We are always ready to provide you with our kitchen if you want to arrange a bridal-shower creatively different or a day off in the company of your best friends.
    For birthday celebration
    Spend your birthday party in a format of a culinary master-class! Such a delicious and interesting birthday in a circle of friends and relatives will be remembered for a long time.
    For a couple
    The most romantic and delicious date option is a culinary master-class for a couple. Give it a try!
    Gastronomic dinner from “Imperial” restaurant
    You will try and learn to cook the most exquisite dishes from the menu of the “Imperial” restaurant, as well as find out how to combine food and drinks harmoniously.
    Professional master-classes

    A culinary school “Abrau-Durso” is a major project for those who want to become a real professional in this exquisite service. We conduct one- and three-day master-classes for cooks, restaurateurs and hoteliers. The culinary school is licensed, after completing a course of study all our students get a standard certificate.

    The topics for culinary master-classes:

    • haute French cuisine,
    • extraordinary Spanish cuisine,
    • bright Mexican cuisine,
    • exclusive sparkling Abrau-Durso cuisine,
    • diversified Italian cuisine,
    • original Georgian cuisine.
    Master-classes for amateurs

    Study gastronomic tendencies and world cuisines under the guidance of chefs, and our sommelier will help match the wines and dishes at the master-class.

    The duration of a master-class for grown-ups is three hours. During this time you will cook 3 dishes and taste them right away with a glass of wine or champagne.

    Team-building parties

    To avoid problems at the “internal kitchen” of your company we will provide you with our kitchen and aprons and will teach you to work in unison in complex working situations.

    It is time to learn how to act as a team! Split up into several groups and demonstrate who the best cook is! The final competition includes a presentation and testing of fine cuisine as well as stimulating prizes for all the participants!

    Call us to book a master-class right away:
    8 (961) 501-68-86,8 (989) 123-09-90


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