Открыт сезон конных прогулок по живописным окрестностям Абрау-Дюрсо!
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  • Visit of a Historic Complex with an excursion and a tasting session

    Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
    950.– / person

    This is the place where you will become a witness of champagne creation process and find out what exactly the mysterious French words: “Cuvée”, “Remuage” and “Dégorgeage” mean; you will learn the difference of a classic production method from Charmat method, you will get acquainted with modern production process, and get skills of professional wine tasters during the tasting session.

    • A visit to Modern Art Center “Abrau Media Art”,
    • Watching a movie on history of Abrau-Durso,
    • Visiting the old cellars erected at the end of the 19th century
    • Visit to modern production and Soviet tunnels
    • Tasting 5 samples of sparkling wines
    • A visit to a brand shop.
    Visiting the Historic complex without participation in a tasting session
    Visit of a historic complex with an excursion and tasting of still wines
    VIP-excursion about Russian Wine House “Abrau-Durso” with a tasting session
    Wine-gastronomic excursion with making mulled wine
    “Voice of the city” in Abrau-Durso
    Abrau light gallery
    An excursion with a visit to vineries


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