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    SPA-treatment is a necessary element of a luxurious vacation.
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    The time of the spa-treatment must be ordered well in advance. You should come for a spa-treatment 15-20 minutes before the appointed time to have time to change clothes and take a shower. Do not forget about hygiene rules, it is necessary to take a shower before every spa-treatment. Each guest is provided with a towel, a bathrobe and slippers. In a sauna or in a steam room sit only on your own towel taken from the changing room.

    Try to avoid being in the sun on the day of a spa-treatment, and in some cases even on the following day. It is not recommended to eat one hour before the procedure. If you have some problems with your health please consult your attending doctor. By all means inform our expert about your contraindications, such as, for example, allergic reactions.


    Start your SPA-day with a glass of champagne in the reception area, enjoy the sight of Lake Abrau from a Finnish sauna or a summer swimming-pool, treat yourself to a massage and skin care procedures and do not forget one more wholesome and luxurious treatment – a bath with sparkling wine.

    All our SPA-procedures are aimed at turning wholesome properties of grapes and champagne to advantage of your body and spirit.
    All our SPA-procedures are aimed at turning wholesome properties of grapes and champagne to advantage of your body and spirit.

    Why is a champagne bath useful? British scientists from the University of Reading discovered that champagne contains vitamins of groups B, C, E, A and PP, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols - plant substances with powerful antioxidant and phyto-estrogenic properties and increase endurance of the human body. Grapes and champagne contain AHA-acids, which cleanse and renew the skin perfectly. Useful trace elements prevent the destruction of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin; allow the skin to remain young and smooth. Champagne contains a particularly high concentration of various sugar compounds (polysaccharides). They play the role of preserving skin water balance, which is so important for a modern city dweller.


    Types of SPA-treatment
    • With champagne Milk
    • With milk
    • Herbal
    Scrub procedure
    • KEYANO AROMATICS grape-stone based
    • Honey-salt
    Body wrap
    • With champagne
    • With milk
    • Herbal
    Body massage
    • Head massage
    • Gentle feet
    • Sport
    • Classic
    • Anticellulite
    • Lymphatic massage
    • Health-improving
    • Tibetan care with honey
    • Milk and honey
    • Aroma therapy
    • Intensive care
    • «Herbal magic»
    • «Thai feet massage»
    • «Lomi-lomi»
    • «Mystery of stones»
    • «Sultan-massage» with four hands
    • Champagne-spa exclusive
    Spa treatments during pregnancy
    • Scrub
    • Light feet massage
    • Cream application
    Care for hands and feet
    • «Royal feet»
    Full SPA-menu with the price of all services
    PDF, 4.8 Mb
    • LOTION P50 Biologique Recherche -based body peeling
    • GEL P50 Biologique Recherche -based body peeling
    Facial massage
    • Classic
    • Spanish
    • Sculptural massage
    • Herbal bags massage
    • Intensive care mask
    SPA for kids
    • Milk and chocolate bath
    • Chocolate mask
    • Aroma massage
    Group 28
    Gift certificates
    Give your friends and close ones certificates for SPA-treatments as presents
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    You may ask our manager your questions, as well as book the necessary dates
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