• Active leisure activities

    At the reception desk of “Imperial” hotel and “Round Lake” manor house you can sign up for terrenkur walks, as well as rent walking poles.
    Call to register:
    8 (989) 123-09-90

    One of the most wholesome ways of enjoying the beauty of Abrau Durso is taking a walking trip in the company of our guide.

    Terrenkur is a deliberately laid route in mountainous areas of various levels of complexity.

    Such walks increase endurance, strengthen cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, actuate metabolic and neural activity.

    At all the routes you will be able to enjoy sights from panoramic spots and the cleanest wholesome air of our region.

    Not far from the sea, in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and primeval old-growth forest there is a school and retreat center “Abrau-Yoga”. Here we have managed to provide everything necessary for doing yoga and spiritual practices as well as for holding thematic lectures and seminars.
    Abrau Beach

    You may get the tickets to Abrau Beach in the cash-desk on the beach, or in “Imperial” boutique-hotel and “Round Lake” manor house.

    For the guests of “Imperial” boutique-hotel and “Round Lake” manor house entrance to the beach is free.

    With a ticket you get a free transfer on a shuttle from the hotel to the beach.

    One kilometer away from “Round Lake” manor house there is Abrau Beach. You can get there on foot along the most picturesque path or with a special shuttle from “Imperial” boutique-hotel and “Round Lake” manor house (every hour and a half).

    Abrau-Durso health resort is situated just a short distance away from the Black Sea seaside. You can reach clean wild beaches by car or by bike.

    Abrau Beach means the cleanest water, comfortable wooden patios with sun loungers, shower cabins and a lounge-bar with soft drinks. All that you need for a comfortable rest.

    Horse club

    A horse-riding lesson — 250 rub./ 15 min., 350 rub. / 30 min., 700 per hour.

    A ticket for 10 lessons (valid during 3 months) — 5000 rub.

    A horse ride outside the riding hall — 700 rub./per hour

    Photo shooting session with a horse with your own camera — 500 rub./ 30 min.

    Hippotherapy — 700 rub./ per hour.

    Near the manor house “Round Lake” there are stables with charming horses of Icelandic breed: of short stature, with a mop-headed forelock, with a calm and friendly temper.

    It is a perfect breed for a family holiday and kids’ sport. You may take up lessons in horse-riding or go on a fascinating horse-riding expedition across the most picturesque scenery.

    Bike rent

    Rent a bike and go on a trip in the most picturesque neighborhood.

    You can rent a regular bike or a tandem for two in the “Imperial” hotel or take a mountain bike in “Round Lake” manor house.


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